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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

Crown Wealth Group was founded by brothers Nick and Tyler Kolbenschlag in the spring of 2018. Having worked in the private wealth management world for a combined 16 years, they knew what financial advice should be and what it shouldn’t. Crown was launched as a fully independent firm, free from the conflicts of interest present in the big banks and national wirehouses.  Financial planning is a wonderful tool but where the industry falls short is on execution. Nick and Tyler set out to solve this problem with their Personal CFO solution where the advisor is the single point of contact for the client and accountable for ensuring all advice is executed from start to finish.

The Crown Personal CFO solution was an immediate success and the firm designed a platform that could be scaled to offer this solution to many families. The key to doing this successfully is having the right team in place and timing was right to bring on Steve Lindgren as Chief Investment Officer and a partner in the spring of 2019. Steve’s investment knowledge added a key skill to the team and rounded out the bench of experts.

Client First Advisors of Chapel Hill, NC was founded in 2011 by Douglas Coppola, along with support from his wife Mary Jo. The Crown team was fortunate to meet Doug and Mary Jo Coppola in early 2019. After a great meal and a couple bottles of wine everyone knew there was a strong potential to team up and grow together.  Client First Advisors was built around strong investment management, focusing on capital preservation in difficult times and capital enhancement in good times. Having more than 40 years of investment experience, Doug brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to his clients who trust him to always keep their best interest at top of mind.  

As a younger firm, Crown desired to bring that experience aboard the current team and asked Doug to merge his business with Crown’s and become an Executive Director and Chairman of the Investment Committee. After months of careful planning, Doug joined the Crown team in October of 2019 and brought with him a client base that would benefit from Crown’s financial planning and implementation expertise. The Crown clients now have an additional partner to help them navigate both good and difficult markets with more confidence.   

The Greater Piedmont Group of Thrivent Financial was founded in 2009 by Zac O'Brien. The Group focused on financial planning and investment management, while building deep relationships with their clients.  Unfortunately, large corporate financial firms often push their advisors to sell their products and hit sales goals.  By the fall of 2019, Zac was ready to find a new home for his team and clients so he made a call to a close friend of 25 years.  Nick Kolbenschlag described the Personal CFO model Crown Wealth Group had implemented for its clients and he immediately knew this was the model of the future and something they would be proud to deliver to his clients.  

Zac and Amy Olsen joined the Crown Wealth Group family in February of 2020 and have not looked back.  They are valuable additions to the team and will make a tremendous impact on not only this firm but those they advise on a daily basis.

Bob LeBeau started managing money for clients at Merrill Lynch in 1974. Over the past 47 years, his loyal clients followed him to many of the largest firms on Wall Street including Lehman Brothers, UBS and Oppenheimer, where in 1995 he met Doug Coppola. Bob and Doug have had a close relationship ever since. Once Doug shared his great experience moving to Crown Wealth Group, Bob knew he wanted the same for his clients.

In January 2022, Bob joined Crown Wealth Group as Research Director & Investment Committee Executive. With this change, he is able to focus more on managing money and his clients gained access to the full breadth of services the Crown Personal CFO solution delivers. All Crown clients, present and future, will benefit from Bob’s expertise in researching and selecting investments that support the needs of their most important life goals.