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Success is not just the destination

It’s The Entire Journey


The process starts with a behavioral-finance based discovery aimed at getting a deep understanding of your life path, passions, financial DNA, and true life goals. We utilize some unique discovery questions and often times the session turns into a bit of a financial therapy, which we find helps build deeper, more trusting relationships. Only after we have a full understanding of you will we discuss your financial picture and available resources.


Our team of knowledgeable advisors will come together to analyze your entire financial situation and build a plan for both the present and the future. When we deliver your Total Wealth Assessment, we start with what we heard from you, to make certain that we fully understood who you are and what you want out of life. Utilizing our technology, we show you where you stand today with regard to net worth and cash flow. We then move into our recommendations, which are accompanied by an interactive analysis, visually showing you what it will take to get where you want to be. Finally, there will be a clear action plan outlining exactly what we will be doing for you as your Personal CFO.


The moment you become a client, our team gets to work. You will first receive a more detailed version of the action plan, outlining what needs to be done, who on our team will be held accountable for getting it done, and expectations around timing. Our team does the heavy lifting, and you will always know exactly who is doing what and why.  We like to say that you're the CEO, understanding advice, making decisions and signing dotted lines; we handle the rest.

Continuous Monitoring and Review

Knowing that your life is dynamic and always changing, we do not feel that an annual review can deliver upon the Personal CFO promise. Our team will sit down with you every 3 to 6 months, to recap what's been completed, what's still in process and where you stand on all of your goals. This allows us to systematically recognize the dynamic nature of your life and fluidly modify the plan in real time. Through the use of our technology, we get daily updates on your net worth and cash flow to allow us to proactively deliver advice to you.  In between reviews we are always on call when life presents new opportunities or problems to work through.  You have a partner beside you every step of the way.