CWG Insight Series: Charles Schwab Additional Offerings

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One of our goals at Crown is to always bring our clients best-in-class solutions and to keep our Personal CFO service model at the forefront of our industry. This was an important factor last year when evaluating our potential new partnership with Charles Schwab. Through Schwab’s independent and open-architecture platform we can continue to elevate our services to address your unique needs. Below are a few of the additional solutions and products we now have access to and can tailor to your situation:

  • Cash Deposit Solutions: Charles Schwab Bank Investor Checking and Investor Savings accounts link directly to your brokerage accounts and offer features such as unlimited ATM fee rebates, competitive yields, and no monthly account service fees or minimums.
  • Lending Solutions: Charles Schwab Bank offers home mortgage lending solutions, including mortgage loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). Eligible clients may receive a 0.25%-1.00% interest rate discount based on their qualifying assets with Schwab. Charles Schwab Bank also offers a Pledged Asset Line (PAL) that allows you to borrow against the value of your (non-retirement) investments.
  • Credit Cards: Charles Schwab offers two credit cards in partnership with American Express: the Schwab Investor Card and the Platinum Card. Both cards offer travel benefits and rewards programs. With the Platinum Card from Charles Schwab, you can earn an exclusive Schwab appreciation bonus of up to $1,000 credited to your statement.
  • Charitable Giving: Schwab Charitable's donor-advised fund is a simple, tax-efficient way for you to support your favorite charities. Beyond cash, you can contribute assets such as stock and real estate to Schwab Charitable, deducting their fair market value and potentially eliminating capital gains tax. This may increase the amount available for charity by up to 20%. We further explained Donor-Advised Funds in our November 2023 CWG Insight Series.
  • Trust & Trustee Services: Charles Schwab offers two personal trust services: Administrative Trustee Services and Personal Trust Reporting Services. Administrative Trustee Services allows clients to appoint Charles Schwab Trust Company of Delaware (CSTCD) to act as the trustee of their trust. CSTCD would handle the administrative duties of the trust, such as distributing income/principal to beneficiaries and filing tax returns, while Crown continues to manage the investment side of the trust.
  • Retirement Plan Services: Charles Schwab offers comprehensive retirement plan services that can be tailored to the needs of your business and maximizes employee savings outcomes. These defined contribution plan types include employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), profit-sharing plans, and money purchase plans.
  • Stock Plan Services: Schwab Stock Plan Services can help companies scale and manage their stock plans through flexible technology and dedicated resources to guide employers and employees alike.

We're excited to bring you these expanded offerings. Please reach out to your family’s Personal CFO with any questions you may have, or to learn how we can integrate these solutions into your plans.