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    Concierge style services

Tailored to What You Want and Need

Goals-Based Planning & Investing

We believe that each of your goals should be approached independently when it comes to building an investment plan and allocating resources to that plan. As we continue to grow your wealth, we will benchmark the performance of each pool of dollars against the actual goal. This allows us to demonstrate to you how the growth is having a material impact on your life plan. Our Investment Committee has the experience needed to navigate all markets and ensure your portfolio goals are met.

Generational Wealth Planning

As your family and wealth grow, it’s important that everyone be on the same page with how that wealth will transition over time, both during your lifetime and after you have passed. We have set up family advisory boards to educate the next generation and to get the entire family involved in the decision-making process. We work with you to set your family's Mission Statement and the "why" of your wealth.  Having a clear strategy for the family's wealth and a platform for communicating regularly, success can be set up for many generations to come.

Real Estate

An area of advice that is typically siloed outside of the wealth management industry is the management of real estate assets within an overall portfolio. With real estate playing an integral part of most family wealth pictures, Tyler Kolbenschlag, through his affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Carolinas Realty, is able to represent our clients in the acquisition and sale of their primary homes, vacation properties, and investment holdings.

Lifestyle Services

There are many transactions in life that require careful planning and detailed follow through to ensure you are making the right decision and that all the important pieces come together.  We quarterback the process from start to finish for major purchases like boats, cars, homes, and life's other fun toys.  Other concierge services include travel planning, club memberships, and entertainment experiences, just to name a few.

Wealth Transfer

Unfortunately, life can be unpredictable and we want to always be prepared for any situation that may arise. Our team of advisors will build and implement a wealth transfer strategy that ensures what you’ve built moves smoothly to the next generation or generations. We do this in the most tax efficient way possible to ensure you’re making the greatest impact. This includes properly written Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney, followed by ensuring your account beneficiaries match those decisions.  For business owners, this can include long-term succession planning often accompanied by Buy/Sell Agreements, at times, funded by Key-Man life insurance.

Organize & Simplify Your Financial Life

Utilizing our industry leading technology, we are able to aggregate all of your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in one place, in real time. We then organize and keep up-to-date your most important documents in your digital vault so you never have to search for that crucial piece of paper again.

Executive Compensation Planning

Stock option and equity award plans offer a tremendous opportunity to create additional wealth that, if properly utilized, can speed you to your life/wealth goals. Our team first educates you on your plan specifics, then builds an on-going strategy to ensure you're maximizing the benefit you receive, all while being cautious of the potential tax consequences. We proactively reach out to you when a vesting occurs providing details, recommendations, and an execution plan.

Business Strategy/Mergers and Acquisitions

A key strength of our team is bringing together your business and personal life into one congruent picture. We understand that owning and running a business may be your key wealth creation strategy, like it is ours, and our team can help you take full advantage of the opportunity that it presents.

We can help you take your business full cycle, from start-up to exit, all while incorporating it into your family’s life plan. When ready to make your exit or transition, we ensure our clients recognize the full value of their business while implementing a proper tax strategy to keep more of what you make. Our team has run point on a growing number of business acquisitions to include coordinating contract negotiation, legal, tax, lending, accounting, and operational transition.

Cash Flow Analysis

Utilizing that same technology, we are able to identify where your dollars are being utilized and determine the most effective way to prioritize spending vs. saving. Through our systematized review process, we will collaboratively create the discipline needed to achieve your most important life goals.

Tax Planning

It’s not about what you make, it’s about what you keep. Our team works with your CPA, or ours, to build a plan before the year starts to ensure we are executing for 365 days every year, minimizing your taxes to the largest degree possible. There are many advanced strategies that can be implemented to lower your tax bill and put more dollars in your pocket and/or into your investments.

Risk Management

Growing your wealth is a priority, but protecting and preserving that wealth is equally as important. Our team will analyze multiple areas of risk to ensure you have the proper coverage and/or asset protection structures in place. This includes advice on life, disability, health, personal lines and various specialty insurance policies, as well as asset protection strategies through property entity structuring. 

Strategic Giving Strategies

Most families don't have a dedicated strategy for making charitable contributions, and simply donate cash when asked or are feeling compelled to help. By creating a strategic gifting strategy, the impact of your dollars can be compounded greatly. While cash is a good option, donating highly appreciated, non-cash assets like stock or private business interests can save you even more on taxes, and provide additional dollars for you to save, invest, or donate. Our team can show you how to properly utilize a Donor Advised Fund, set up an Employee Assistance or Scholarship Program, and even donate a portion of your business before you exit, which in return creates massive tax savings and significant giving impact