CWG Insight Series: Real Estate Expertise Combined With Financial Planning

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At Crown Wealth Group we pride ourselves in going far beyond traditional financial services by offering innovative and holistic wealth solutions. An area of advice that is typically siloed outside of the wealth management industry is the management of real estate assets within a client’s overall portfolio. With real estate playing an integral part of a client’s overall strategy and goals, we have brought this expertise in-house with my affiliation through Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. I have partnered with the Charlotte-based Carolinas Realty team to give us a breadth of real estate experience and to overlap two different, and often segmented industries.

As we look to enhance our offering to clients, we seek to add solutions that will save our clients time, get them better, more holistic answers, all while executing at maximum efficiency.  After handling several client transactions, from the initial strategy planning to the home closings, it is clear we have done just that with our integrated real estate platform. 

2018 and the first half of 2019 have been hot for residential home sales, both for our clients and the overall real estate market. By taking over home sales and purchases for our clients we have been able to streamline this often-daunting task. To give you a better understanding of how we have operationalized and enhanced this process, here is how a typical real estate transaction looks like for a Crown Wealth Group client:

  • Complete a current home walk through with the Carolinas Realty team to determine the market value and any repairs and/or updates that are needed to list and sell for top dollar
  • Based on what our team feels the home will sell for, we can calculate your net proceeds which will help in the planning of your new home purchase 
  • We work with a lender to determine your pre-approved maximum purchase budget and then back into the monthly payment you are comfortable with based on the monthly cash-flow analysis built by the Crown Wealth Group team
  • Based on your budget and new home wish list, our team will work to find the perfect home to fit your needs  
  • If there are options on the market that are attractive, we will look to list your current home to get that process going before starting the purchase process 
  • While your current home is on the market, we will begin taking you to properties that we feel might be a good fit  
  • When we find “the one”, our team will handle the purchase offer and contract negotiation 
  • Once under contract on the new home purchase, our team will shop your mortgage to multiple lenders, ensuring you lock-in the best terms available based on your goal for the property.  We will also shop your new homeowner’s insurance policy to find you the lowest premium available at the right coverage levels for your situation
  • Once we have offers on your current home, we will negotiate the sale with the goal of closing 2 to 3 days prior to closing on the purchase your new home 
  • At closing your new loan and insurance will be put in place and your prior home loan will be paid off and insurance cancelled
Our team’s intent is to ensure you make real estate decisions that fit well into your overall plan and then handle the heavy lifting of the transaction(s).  To give you an idea of how well-oiled this machine can run, a Crown client indicated in their quarterly review that they would like to upsize their home.  When we sat down for their next quarterly review, we had sold their home and were sitting in the kitchen of their new dream home.  If a new primary home, vacation or investment property is a goal of yours let us help you make it come to fruition in 2019!

Tyler Kolbenschlag - Managing Partner | REALTOR®

Disclosure: Real Estate services offered through Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Crown Wealth Group is independent of BHHS